Go Lower’ish with 2014 Adams Golf Idea Tech Hybrid Iron set

2014 adams golf idea tech hybrid iron set

Golfers with slower swing speeds often struggle to get the most out of high-performance clubs that perform better when swung faster – especially long irons.

The Idea Tech Hybrid Iron set from Adams Golf, however, is designed specifically for golfers with slower swing speeds (85 mph and lower) who want to launch the ball high and achieve greater distance than they can manage with traditional irons.

There are different sets:
–Men’s: 3-5 Hybrid, 6-7 Driving Hybrid and 8-pitching wedge Hybrid Irons
–Senior: 4-6 Hybrids, 7-8 Driving Hybrids and 9-gap wedge Hybrid Irons
–Women’s: 4-6 Hybrids, 7-8 Driving Hybrids and and 9-sand wedge Hybrid Irons
“From the highest lofted iron to the lowest lofted hybrid, each club in the new Idea Tech hybrid iron set is intended to enhance the golfer’s enjoyment of the game,” said Michael Fox, director of product category management at Adams Golf. “This set was specifically made for the golfer who doesn’t generate a lot of speed, but wants to experience the thrill of hitting high and straight launching golf shots.”
By adding an external 24-gram weight to the back of the 3-5 hybrids, engineers could position the center of gravity lower and further back in the head than in any previous Adams hybrid. This low-and-back design gives slower swing-speed players higher launch and increased spin, helping them keep the ball airborne longer.

As in the previous generation, the Hybrid Irons (6-pitching wedge) feature an enhanced wrap-around slot that stretches from the toe across the sole and into the crown. This expands the sweet spot across the entire face, delivering better performance on off-center strikes.In addition, a refined barbell-shaped slot on the crown reduces stress on the face while improving ball speed.

This, Adams says, results in the fastest and longest Idea hybrid and iron combination in the company’s history.The set also features a new progressive shaft design in which the shaft tip diameters get thinner towards the lower end of the set. This makes it easier to generate speed and launch on the downswing, making it ideal for slow swing speed players.

Via PGA.

Martin Kaymer & Bernhard Langer participate in long drive contest.. with putters..


Zee Germans Martin Kaymer & Bernhard Langer are challenged to a ‘Drive Your Putter’ contest.  It’s pretty funny watching Kaymer beasting on the 57 year old Langer.. highlighted at the 1:45 mark by Kaymer.. “191, gimme love, give me some love.” Muscle Flex.  Check out the full video below.

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Baller Alert: GQ presents – Most Expensivest Sh!t ft. 2 Chainz


Baller Status is defined as having reached a superlative level of ballerdom, it is said one has achieved baller status. This often goes hand in hand with early retirement & being a man of leisure (or lady of leisure).

For those used to living a “premium” lifestyle, watch as 2 Chainz sets out to find the most outrageous luxury goods on the planet in the new GQ YouTube series: Most Expensivest Sh!t.  Check the full videos below.

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Gamers rejoice: NimbleBit has announced their next game… GOLFINITY!

golfinity ios

NimbleBit is an American developer and publisher of iOS and Android mobile apps. Some of their awesome titles include Pocket Frogs, Tiny Tower, and Pocket Planes. For the past 10 days they’ve been posting a ton of teasers, but today they’ve solidified my interest in picking up their latest iOS offering with their YouTube vid.

golfinity teaser golfinity teaser1

Check below for the full video.

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