Chicks Dig The Longball – Featuring John Daly



The players in the scene are:

John Daly – Wielder of the big stick.

Katherine Michelle – Human range mat and ultimate tee

Dude in a suit – Yup, that’s right. Dude in a suit.


In case you had any doubts about what is going to happen.. John Daly is about to unleash the wrath of the big stick all over the little white thing called a golf ball that has been conveniently propped up in the mouth of the BBF of Daly’s lady.

Before watching the video below remember JD’s words of wisdom.


Don’t try this at home! #MastersWeek #TeeitHigh #GripitandRipIt @kath_michelle @JDsACE — John Daly (@PGA_JohnDaly)



Keeping it real: Paulina Gretzky Edition



You probably already had a chance to check out all the  steamy shots of Paulina Gretzky from the May 2014 edition of Golf Digest.  However, you may have missed the spoof cover which I personally feel is the highest form of flattery and respect courtesy of photographer Cy Cyr.


Though she’s no avid golfer or fitness nut, it appears that TaylorMade and Golf Digest are gonna try and ride the “Next One” all the way to the bank. For those who may want to try and void their brain of the svelte dudes up top, check the video below for a behind the scenes look at the photo shoot (non-spoof edition).



My recruitment letter to Michael Jordan

Earlier in 2014 there was some coverage on the discovery of recruiting letters that Michael Jordan received from the University of North Carolina.  Given the recent interest in the custom J’s that Keegan Bradley wore during The Masters; here is our attempt at getting Michael’s attention.

Dear Michael,

We really enjoyed catching recent glimpses of sweetness courtesy of Jordan brand ambassador Keegan Bradley. It has been  delightful to see the evolution of the Jordan golf shoe;

Par 23

par 23

Air Jordan 2012 Golf Cleats


Fresh White Colorway

OG jumpman2OG jumpman1

Gold elephant print

golf elephant

Custom KB’s

KB JumpmanJs all day

Most recently the Spiked up Concord and  Augusta green game changers.

spiked concordAugusta green

Hopefully based on the widespread media coverage you will feel more comfortable with the idea of a Jumpman golf shoe and that you will consider releasing this shoe for the “rest of us”.

If there are any doubts about making this happen, please try a quick google search and I am certain that you’ll see what I mean. Otherwise I could send you a follow-up message before too long just to touch base.

We think you are a tremendous sports legend and business man and we are impressed not only with your obvious basketball talent but the way you have been an ambassador for the game of golf  and done well to make the game cool. I look forward to copping all the hot releases on the launch calendar this year and hope to see you drop something special to help duffers and hacks look better on the links.

I am writing your business partners separately since they seem to respond quicker via social media . Enjoyed writing you, Michael, and hope that beginning in 2014/2015 I can rep Jumpman on the links.

Most sincerely,


Dated: Apr. 15, 2014