5 things I learned about using the Apple Watch for golf

apple watch milanese loop

After receiving my Apple Watch on April 24, here are the top 5 things that I learned about using the Apple Watch for golf.  Click below for more.

1. Get Sporty

Although I haven’t had any real issues, the loop bands (leather or Milanese) are just a little too loose for my liking when it comes to swinging a golf club.  I would definitely recommend spending a few extra bucks to pickup an extra sports strap for golf or any other exercise activity, especially considering how incredibly easy they make the procedure.  Just make sure to get the right size for your watch, either 38mm or 42mm.

Apple Watch Sport Band Colors

If you’re not in a rush, you may want to hold off as it’s expected that a large variety of strap options from third party companies will help to drive down some of the prices and increase available colors/options/styles.

2. Keep it charged up

Yes the Apple Watch is supposed to last a full 18 hours for “regular” use.  So far, the experience has not been too bad but I’ve already experienced a situation where my watch has come dangerously close to running out of juice before the end of my day.  The good news is that you’ve got a few options to help get the most out of your shiny new watch and ensure that it doesn’t become useless before the end of a round.

  • Limit consumption – Just like your smartphone there are plenty of options to help manage the battery drain.  Limiting any unnecessary sounds, haptics and notifications can be helpful in extending the amount of time you’ll be able to use your watch.

Apple Watch settings

  • Get an extra charging cable – It’s a first generation device, and it’s far from perfect.  If you need to squeeze our more performance, it may require a bit of a boost and having an extra magnetic charging cable will come in super handy.

Apple Watch Magnetic Charigng cable

  • Keep an eye on the third party strap makers – Reserve strap and wipowerband are examples of Apple Watch strap that will offer wire-free charging and provide true full day or potentially multi-day performance.

reserve strap


3. Don’t forget your tunes

Pair up your bluetooth headphones, sync up music from iTunes and setup a playlist to enjoy your favorite tunes while on the driving range, going for a run or hitting the gym.  It’s best to get this done at setup as it does take a bit of time.

apple watch music player

4.  Works goofy or regular

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Apple Watch is designed to work on either your left or right wrist, you just need to set it up in the Orientation settings.

apple watch orientation


5. The best is yet to come

It’s not a big secret.

  • Apps – The app ecosystem isn’t there yet, most of the available apps have been ported over from iOS into watch-form.  There have also been some bad attempts by third party developers to create different versions of built in software.  This one is going to take time, but they’ll eventually differentiate the experience for wearables vs. smartphone vs. tablet.
  • Hardware – The Apple Watch 2 is certain to get slimmer, sleeker, sexier, faster and better.  If that bothers you.. wait.. if not, check out your local Apple Store for a chance to play around with the watch and figure out whether or not it’s something that will work for you.
    • BONUS TIP: If you decide that Apple Watch is going to work for you, but don’t want to wait until June for delivery of one try ordering a white Apple Watch Sport.  I attended a workshop at my local Apple Store and was joined by many people that ordered the white sport with June deliveries that magically appeared in their mailboxes on launch day.


Stay tuned for my review on golf apps for the Apple Watch.


Via CNET, Fast Company and Instagram.

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  1. Which is the best golf app to use I want something fairly easy to use and very similar to the garmin range also is there a charge for the app

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