Get Lifted with the new Vapor Fly series from Nike Golf

Nike Vapor Flex 440 Driver

The new Vapor Fly series, designed to provide an overall higher launch angle, is the culmination of years of work from the teams at The Oven.  Click below for more.

The Oven, Nike Golf’s research and design facility in Fort Worth, Texas, is the engine that drives Nike Golf equipment innovation. With a perfect combination of authentic handcraftsmanship and sophisticated high-tech virtual design, Nike Golf engineers and designers obsess over every tenth of a millimeter and every degree of launch angle.

The new Vapor Fly series clubs, designed to provide an overall higher launch angle, is the culmination of years of diligent study.

“As we’ve learned more and more about golf athletes while researching advanced materials and evolving manufacturing technologies, we’ve verified that if we can launch the ball higher, while managing spin, it will ultimately fly farther,” says Nate Radcliffe, Nike Golf Director of Engineering. “We’ve found ways to accomplish that in our entire 2016 line, from the drivers to the long irons. We are using innovative designs that consider mass distribution, tuned compliance and stiffness to help the ball consistently fly high and long.”

Nike Golf athlete Rory McIlroy, who was instrumental in the design of the Vapor Fly Pro driver, relies on his driver for ultimate forgiveness and distance.

“I think every golfer looks for forgiveness to make their bad shots better,” says McIlroy. “It’s phenomenal to know that when you have a very forgiving driver like this, even if you don’t quite catch [the ball] off the middle of the face or put a good swing on it, that it still has a chance to go the same distance and be in the fairway as if you hit a good shot.  To have that much confidence in a driver standing over a tee shot is great.”

2016 Nike Vapor Fly Series


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