How Tiger Woods Destroyed Steve Stricker’s Confidence

1997 tiger woods

Steve Stricker reflects on his time as a pro golfer and the moment that his confidence was dismantled by Tiger Woods’s game.  Click below for more.

In Steve Stricker’s piece for The Players’ Tribune – Advice for Young PGA Tour Pros he recalls the moments from his first meeting with a 22-year old Tiger Woods at the 1997 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am that made him start doubting his abilities as a golfer.

You never really forget the first time you hear Tiger hit a golf ball.

Several times, I would really connect with a drive only to be stunned to see that Tiger’s ball had landed 40 to 50 yards beyond mine.

After the first round had ended, I told Nicki, my wife and caddy, what I had been thinking since the moment we left the course: “I can’t compete with that type of game. I just can’t compete with that.”

The article continues on with an introspection of his career including his eventual comeback.  Reflecting on his questionable decisions and trade offs leads him into sharing a lesson learned for all aspiring pro golfers to consider.

I want the younger generation to cherish every moment they have on the PGA Tour. I know it’s hard, but they can’t take anything for granted. They can’t chase dollars, whether it’s equipment deals or appearance fees. They can’t let anything change the game that brought them to the top.


Via The Players’ Tribune

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