Parsons Xtreme Golf | PXG 08 Driver Prototype

ryan moore pxg 08 driver

Ryan Moore continues to up his bag swag by adding yet another Parsons Xtreme Golf club (PXG 08 driver Prototype) to his arsenal for this week’s Northern Trust Open.  Click below for more.

You may remember that Moore opened the year at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions with a set of Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) prototype irons (4-PW) and wedges (54 and 60 degrees).  This week he has  taken another stunner of a club that promises to be a monster off the tee.

Like the competition the PXG 08 is engineered to deliver high launch, low spin, and maximum ball speed.  The difference is that you can expect the Bob Parsons product to do it better.  Since the driver was only recently added to the USGA List of Conforming Club Head it might be a bit difficult to get too excited.

Then again,  Anna Rawson seems to be enjoying a claimed +15 yards from her prototype.

anna rawson pxg driveranna rawson pxg driver 2

The charcoal grey driver has 16 small weight ports that go around the sole. Moore’s driver also features a Mitsubishi Rayon XTS prototype shaft.

pxg 08 driver 2 pxg 08 driver 3 pxg 08 driver pxg driver 1 pxg driver 2



Via PGA Tour & My Golf Spy.


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