Warriors vs. Grizzlies series turning point: 18-holes at Mirimichi

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After losing Game 3 in Memphis and going down 2-1 in their playoff series, Golden State Warriors Steph Curry and Andre Iguodala played 18-holes at Mirimichi to clear their heads. From there the Warriors rallied back to win the next 3 games and the series.  Click below for more.

steph curry mirimichi
STEPH CURRY talks about golf during a playoff series – Decompressing and Shared Experiences

-Q: Did you always plan to hit the golf course on that off-day? Or was it spur of the moment?

-CURRY: No, we didn’t know what the schedule was until the day before. It was kind of a game-time decision deal.

If you have a full day to, what I call it is getting some fresh air, it’s good.

-Q: Does it clear your head? Gets you away from the playoff tension?

-CURRY: Yeah, it’s therapeutic for sure. Standing over a golf ball, you’re not thinking about the shots you missed or the defensive errors you made, turnovers, all that kind of stuff. It’s just about enjoying the company that you’re with. Golf’s funny, because it’s challenging itself at the same time.

But to get away, it’s kind of a nice haven out there, wherever you play, just to be able to relax and have a good time.

-Q: How’d you play?

-CURRY: I had some rental clubs, so I didn’t play too great. Made one birdie, which is good.

-Q: How important is it that you have Andre who is sharing the golf experience with you?

-CURRY: It’s great because we’re obviously going through the same things on the court. Like I said to him in my speech, we talk about golf more than basketball in certain situations.

A couple guys on staff that play; Klay plays. So it’s nice to have guys that you work with, be able to go out and play and have those experiences, too.

-Q: And Andre’s very passionate about the game, I know.

-CURRY: He practices more than me. (Laughs.) We’re sitting back in the training room getting treatment, watching Clippers Game 7 on one TV, the Wells Fargo championship on another, talking about swing tips and all that kind of stuff.

-Q: Kerr encourages you.

CURRY: I don’t know if he played during his career, but golf is our hobby and our thing that we enjoy and kind of refreshes you.

It could be something else–like bowling for some guys or… or a lot of other things that you could do, your list could be positive or negative (smiles).

But golf is our thing and he definitely…

When he gives us an off-day, most coaches would say, ‘Get away from the game or do whatever you want.’ He actually mentions it, ‘Go out, go play some golf, do whatever you want.’

He’ll throw in that golf line because he understands that’s what we enjoy.

-Q: When did you decide to play? The night before or that morning?

-CURRY: Right after our breakfast meeting.

-Q: Mirimichi is a public course? Justin Timberlake used to own it, right?

-CURRY: It’s a public course. Timberlake’s course, yeah.

I did a Google search because I didn’t know what the courses were in Memphis. And that was the one that popped up.

steph curry mirimichi 2
Coach Steve Kerr on the relaxing power of golf

-Q: Steph and Andre went out to play golf in Memphis on that day off. Is that something that’s easy for you to approve?

-KERR: Oh, I encourage it, for sure. I think sometimes the best thing to do is to get away from the gym and do whatever it is you do that relaxes you.

For those guys, I know it’s golf. The other guys, it might just be, go out to dinner, see a movie, whatever. But you’ve got to do that.

-Q: So when Steph asked you if they could go play golf, you’re…

-KERR: I encourage it. Like, there have been times this year where I’ve just told them, ‘Go take tomorrow off and you guys go play golf.’

The first time I think Andre kind of looked at me, ‘Really?’ ‘Yeah, go play golf. You’ll be better at basketball if you go play golf.’ It’s true.

-Q: With Steph, I can see how important it is.

-KERR: You need an outlet.

-Q: And you’re still competing.

-KERR: Right. And you’re getting fresh air, just relaxing, whatever. Maybe for some guys, it’s go fishing or something. Whatever it is for that individual, you’ve got to get away.

If you let yourself get wrapped up in this stuff, it’s so counter-productive.

-Q: Is he bringing his clubs out on the road all the time?

-KERR: No, no. It’s rare on the road. It’s more of a thing at home. But there’s a few times this year where we just… took the day off and guys understand I want them to go do stuff like that.

If they can do it, if they have a connection or something…


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